Combining Finances With Your Spouse (Ep. 21)

Combining Finances With Your Spouse (Ep. 21)

In a marriage, both partners bring their individual assets and liabilities to the table.

So the question that every couple should ask each other is: How to combine our finances together?

In this episode, Jon Kuttin, CRPC®, AAMS®, AWMA®, CMFC®, CRPS®, Private Wealth Advisor, explains how to avoid the most common mistakes that couples make when combining their finances with their partner.

Jon discusses:

  • How your planning might change if it’s not your first marriage
  • His thoughts on prenuptial agreements and separation of finances
  • The importance of regularly updating your beneficiaries in life insurance policies
  • Why both partners should focus on building credit in the long run
  • And more!


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